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Charleston - 304-347-5130


USGS Water Science Centers are located in each state.

There is a USGS Water Science Center office in each State. Washington Oregon California Idaho Nevada Montana Wyoming Utah Colorado Arizona New Mexico North Dakota South Dakota Nebraska Kansas Oklahoma Texas Minnesota Iowa Missouri Arkansas Louisiana Wisconsin Illinois Mississippi Michigan Indiana Ohio Kentucky Tennessee Alabama Pennsylvania West Virginia Georgia Florida Caribbean Alaska Hawaii New York Vermont New Hampshire Maine Massachusettes South Carolina North Carolina Rhode Island Virginia Connecticut New Jersey Maryland-Delaware-D.C.


West Virginia Water Science Center Employee Directory

USGS West Virginia Water Science Center Office
11 Dunbar Street
Charleston, West Virginia, 25301
Phone: 304-347-5130
Fax: 304-347-5133
Office Hours : 08:30 AM - 05:00 PM

Office of the Director
Administrative Unit
Hydrologic Investigations and Surveillance Section
Hydrologic Networks and Project Support Unit
Headquarters Personnel

Office of the Director
Bennett, Mark R. Director (804) 261-2643
Harlow, George E. Asst. Director (804) 261-2631
Chambers, Douglas B. Biologist, QW Specialist (304) 347-5130 X231
Kozar, Mark D. GW Specialist (304) 347-5130 X234
Paybins, Katherine S. Geographer, Gis Specialist (304) 347-5130 X236
Board, Mark A. IT Specialist (304) 347-5130 X287
Administrative Services Unit
Hughart, Allison N. Administrative Specialist (304) 347-5130 X222
Kibbe, Michelle K. Office Automation Clerk (304) 347-5130 X221
Nossaman, Paige Budget Analyst (304) 347-5130 X230
Hydrologic Investigations and Surveillance Section
Mathes Jr., Melvin V. Hydrologist(Geo) (304) 347-5130 X225
Messinger, Terence Physical Scientist (304) 347-5130 X270
Mcadoo, Mitchell A. Hydrologist (304) 347-5130 X286
Hydrologic Networks and Project Support Unit
Wicklein, Shaun M. Supervisory Hydrologist (804) 261-2605
White, Jeremy S. Supervisory Hydro Tech (304) 347-5130 X246
Brogan, Freddie D. Hydro Tech (304) 347-5130 X340
Rogers, Lary K. Hydro Tech (304) 347-5130
Scott, James D. Hydro Tech (304) 347-5130 X247
Justice, Wesley M. Hydro Tech (304) 347-5130 X227
Grindle, Katherine F. Hydro Tech (304) 347-5130 X228
Wright, Carson A. Hydro Tech (304) 347-5130 X245
Davis, Hannah R. Hydro Tech (304) 347-5130 X240
Grindle, Christopher B. Hydro Tech (Field Assistant) (304) 347-5130 X238

Headquarters Personnel
Neidig, Craig A. WV NSDI Partnership Liaison (GIO) (304)347-5130 X 237

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01617000: Flow=24.4cfs,Stage=2.86ft,Floodstage=5.5ft,2018-06-19 23:30,High,TUSCARORA CREEK ABOVE MARTINSBURG, WV 03054500: Flow=2600cfs,Stage=5.52ft,Floodstage=19ft,2018-06-19 23:00,>90,TYGART VALLEY RIVER AT PHILIPPI, WV 01616500: Flow=382cfs,Stage=3.46ft,Floodstage=10ft,2018-06-19 23:00,>90,OPEQUON CREEK NEAR MARTINSBURG, WV 01597500: Flow=196cfs,Stage=1.51ft,2018-06-19 22:15,>90,SAVAGE RIV BL SAVAGE RIV DAM NEAR BLOOMINGTON, MD 03202750: Flow=17.9cfs,Stage=1.75ft,Floodstage=11ft,2018-06-19 23:30,<10,CLEAR FORK AT CLEAR FORK, WV 03200500: Flow=134cfs,Stage=9.80ft,Floodstage=25ft,2018-06-19 23:15,<10,COAL RIVER AT TORNADO, WV 02011800: Flow=237cfs,Stage=9.00ft,2018-06-19 23:30,<10,JACKSON RIVER BL GATHRIGHT DAM NR HOT SPGS, VA 03191500: Flow=78.4cfs,Stage=5.74ft,2018-06-19 23:30,76-90,PETERS CREEK NEAR LOCKWOOD, WV 03159540: Flow=92.6cfs,Stage=5.69ft,Floodstage=17ft,2018-06-19 23:30,76-90,Shade River near Chester OH 03112000: Flow=333cfs,Stage=3.05ft,Floodstage=7ft,2018-06-19 23:15,76-90,WHEELING CREEK AT ELM GROVE, WV 03111500: Flow=146cfs,Stage=1.59ft,Floodstage=9ft,2018-06-19 23:00,76-90,Short Creek near Dillonvale OH 03076600: Flow=79.3cfs,Stage=2.07ft,2018-06-19 22:30,76-90,BEAR CREEK AT FRIENDSVILLE, MD 03072000: Flow=138cfs,Stage=2.40ft,Floodstage=12ft,2018-06-19 23:15,76-90,Dunkard Creek at Shannopin, PA 03052500: Flow=13.2cfs,Stage=1.90ft,2018-06-19 23:00,76-90,SAND RUN NEAR BUCKHANNON, WV 02011490: Flow=6.38cfs,Stage=0.96ft,2018-06-19 23:45,76-90,LITTLE BACK CREEK NEAR SUNRISE, VA 01636500: Flow=3350cfs,Stage=3.92ft,Floodstage=10ft,2018-06-19 23:30,76-90,SHENANDOAH RIVER AT MILLVILLE, WV 01619500: Flow=400cfs,Stage=3.25ft,Floodstage=8ft,2018-06-19 22:15,76-90,ANTIETAM CREEK NEAR SHARPSBURG, MD 01618000: Flow=6010cfs,Stage=4.05ft,Floodstage=15ft,2018-06-19 22:30,76-90,POTOMAC RIVER AT SHEPHERDSTOWN, WV 01617800: Flow=21.4cfs,Stage=1.35ft,Floodstage=6ft,2018-06-19 22:15,76-90,MARSH RUN AT GRIMES, MD 01614000: Flow=186cfs,Stage=2.62ft,Floodstage=11ft,2018-06-19 23:45,76-90,BACK CREEK NEAR JONES SPRINGS, WV 01613000: Flow=3760cfs,Stage=5.30ft,Floodstage=30ft,2018-06-19 22:15,76-90,POTOMAC RIVER AT HANCOCK, MD 01611500: Flow=469cfs,Stage=2.47ft,Floodstage=9ft,2018-06-19 23:30,76-90,CACAPON RIVER NEAR GREAT CACAPON, WV 01610000: Flow=2860cfs,Stage=6.54ft,Floodstage=25ft,2018-06-19 22:15,76-90,POTOMAC RIVER AT PAW PAW, WV 01609000: Flow=148cfs,Stage=2.93ft,Floodstage=14ft,2018-06-19 22:30,76-90,TOWN CREEK NEAR OLDTOWN, MD 01608500: Flow=1050cfs,Stage=2.71ft,Floodstage=15ft,2018-06-19 23:30,76-90,SOUTH BRANCH POTOMAC RIVER NEAR SPRINGFIELD, WV 01608000: Flow=158cfs,Stage=3.47ft,Floodstage=10ft,2018-06-19 23:15,76-90,S F SOUTH BRANCH POTOMAC RIVER NR MOOREFIELD, WV 01607500: Flow=81.8cfs,Stage=1.95ft,Floodstage=10ft,2018-06-19 23:00,76-90,S F SOUTH BRANCH POTOMAC RIVER AT BRANDYWINE, WV 01606500: Flow=716cfs,Stage=4.93ft,Floodstage=14ft,2018-06-19 23:00,76-90,SOUTH BRANCH POTOMAC RIVER NEAR PETERSBURG, WV 01606000: Flow=385cfs,Stage=5.00ft,2018-06-19 23:00,76-90,N F SOUTH BRANCH POTOMAC RIVER AT CABINS, WV 01605500: Flow=126cfs,Stage=2.39ft,Floodstage=7ft,2018-06-19 23:50,76-90,SOUTH BRANCH POTOMAC RIVER AT FRANKLIN, WV 01604500: Flow=108cfs,Stage=3.52ft,Floodstage=9ft,2018-06-19 23:45,76-90,PATTERSON CREEK NEAR HEADSVILLE, WV 01603000: Flow=1120cfs,Stage=3.38ft,Floodstage=17ft,2018-06-19 22:15,76-90,NORTH BRANCH POTOMAC RIVER NEAR CUMBERLAND, MD 01601500: Flow=320cfs,Stage=3.12ft,Floodstage=10ft,2018-06-19 22:00,76-90,WILLS CREEK NEAR CUMBERLAND, MD 01599000: Flow=75.7cfs,Stage=3.74ft,Floodstage=8ft,2018-06-19 22:45,76-90,GEORGES CREEK AT FRANKLIN, MD 03202400: Flow=114cfs,Stage=3.15ft,Floodstage=17ft,2018-06-19 23:30,10-24,GUYANDOTTE RIVER NEAR BAILEYSVILLE, WV 03192000: Flow=375cfs,Stage=1.59ft,Floodstage=20ft,2018-06-19 23:00,10-24,GAULEY RIVER ABOVE BELVA, WV 03190000: Flow=65.4cfs,Stage=3.52ft,Floodstage=15ft,2018-06-19 23:15,10-24,MEADOW RIVER AT NALLEN, WV 03189100: Flow=140cfs,Stage=10.38ft,Floodstage=24ft,2018-06-19 23:30,10-24,GAULEY RIVER NEAR CRAIGSVILLE, WV 03187500: Flow=24.6cfs,Stage=2.10ft,Floodstage=13ft,2018-06-19 23:30,10-24,CRANBERRY RIVER NEAR RICHWOOD, WV 03186500: Flow=36.7cfs,Stage=1.16ft,Floodstage=10.5ft,2018-06-19 23:15,10-24,WILLIAMS RIVER AT DYER, WV 03179000: Flow=89.2cfs,Stage=2.55ft,Floodstage=10ft,2018-06-19 23:00,10-24,BLUESTONE RIVER NEAR PIPESTEM, WV 03214500: Flow=524cfs,Stage=3.23ft,Floodstage=38ft,2018-06-19 23:00,25-75,TUG FORK AT KERMIT, WV 03213700: Flow=402cfs,Stage=3.51ft,Floodstage=27ft,2018-06-19 23:00,25-75,TUG FORK AT WILLIAMSON, WV 03213500: Flow=2.72cfs,Stage=2.47ft,Floodstage=10ft,2018-06-19 23:00,25-75,PANTHER CREEK NEAR PANTHER, WV 03206600: Flow=3.05cfs,Stage=3.49ft,2018-06-19 23:30,25-75,EAST FORK TWELVEPOLE CREEK NEAR DUNLOW, WV 03203600: Flow=310cfs,Stage=5.09ft,Floodstage=23ft,2018-06-19 23:45,25-75,GUYANDOTTE RIVER AT LOGAN, WV 03203000: Flow=234cfs,Stage=3.98ft,Floodstage=15ft,2018-06-19 23:00,25-75,GUYANDOTTE RIVER AT MAN, WV 03201000: Flow=10.2cfs,Stage=2.28ft,Floodstage=30ft,2018-06-19 23:00,25-75,POCATALICO RIVER AT SISSONVILLE, WV 03198500: Flow=80.7cfs,Stage=1.63ft,Floodstage=15ft,2018-06-19 23:45,25-75,BIG COAL RIVER AT ASHFORD, WV 03198000: Flow=8140cfs,Stage=18.22ft,Floodstage=37ft,2018-06-19 23:00,25-75,KANAWHA RIVER AT CHARLESTON, WV 03197000: Flow=448cfs,Stage=4.69ft,Floodstage=19ft,2018-06-19 23:00,25-75,ELK RIVER AT QUEEN SHOALS, WV 03194700: Flow=186cfs,Stage=4.02ft,Floodstage=13ft,2018-06-19 23:45,25-75,ELK RIVER BELOW WEBSTER SPRINGS, WV 03193000: Flow=4960cfs,Stage=3.60ft,Floodstage=27ft,2018-06-19 23:00,25-75,KANAWHA RIVER AT KANAWHA FALLS, WV 03185400: Flow=4460cfs,Stage=4.84ft,Floodstage=19ft,2018-06-19 23:45,25-75,NEW RIVER AT THURMOND, WV 03185000: Flow=42.0cfs,Stage=2.21ft,Floodstage=10.5ft,2018-06-19 23:30,25-75,PINEY CREEK AT RALEIGH, WV 03184000: Flow=520cfs,Stage=1.54ft,Floodstage=20ft,2018-06-19 23:45,25-75,GREENBRIER RIVER AT HILLDALE, WV 03183500: Flow=491cfs,Stage=2.85ft,Floodstage=14ft,2018-06-19 23:45,25-75,GREENBRIER RIVER AT ALDERSON, WV 03182500: Flow=354cfs,Stage=2.68ft,Floodstage=15ft,2018-06-19 23:45,25-75,GREENBRIER RIVER AT BUCKEYE, WV 03180500: Flow=124cfs,Stage=1.43ft,Floodstage=7ft,2018-06-19 23:45,25-75,GREENBRIER RIVER AT DURBIN, WV 03176500: Flow=4030cfs,Stage=4.03ft,Floodstage=15ft,2018-06-19 23:30,25-75,NEW RIVER AT GLEN LYN, VA 03175500: Flow=94.0cfs,Stage=3.01ft,Floodstage=10ft,2018-06-19 23:30,25-75,WOLF CREEK NEAR NARROWS, VA 03155000: Flow=376cfs,Stage=14.39ft,Floodstage=36ft,2018-06-19 23:00,25-75,LITTLE KANAWHA RIVER AT PALESTINE, WV 03154000: Flow=17.8cfs,Stage=3.91ft,2018-06-19 23:30,25-75,WEST FORK LITTLE KANAWHA RIVER AT ROCKSDALE, WV 03151400: Flow=45.1cfs,Stage=4.35ft,2018-06-19 23:30,25-75,LITTLE KANAWHA RIVER NR WILDCAT, WV 03114500: Flow=216cfs,Stage=2.94ft,Floodstage=14ft,2018-06-19 23:30,25-75,MIDDLE ISLAND CREEK AT LITTLE, WV 03111548: Flow=103cfs,Stage=1.69ft,Floodstage=6ft,2018-06-19 23:30,25-75,Wheeling Creek below Blaine OH 03110000: Flow=111cfs,Stage=2.02ft,2018-06-19 23:00,25-75,Yellow Creek near Hammondsville OH 03109500: Flow=331cfs,Stage=3.39ft,2018-06-19 23:00,25-75,Little Beaver Creek near East Liverpool OH 03076500: Flow=454cfs,Stage=2.99ft,2018-06-19 22:45,25-75,YOUGHIOGHENY RIVER AT FRIENDSVILLE, MD 03075500: Flow=101cfs,Stage=2.35ft,2018-06-19 22:15,25-75,YOUGHIOGHENY RIVER NEAR OAKLAND, MD 03070500: Flow=245cfs,Stage=4.97ft,Floodstage=17.5ft,2018-06-19 23:45,25-75,BIG SANDY CREEK AT ROCKVILLE, WV 03069500: Flow=1020cfs,Stage=4.02ft,Floodstage=16ft,2018-06-19 23:45,25-75,CHEAT RIVER NEAR PARSONS, WV 03066000: Flow=54.0cfs,Stage=1.74ft,Floodstage=20ft,2018-06-19 23:30,25-75,BLACKWATER RIVER AT DAVIS, WV 03065000: Flow=376cfs,Stage=2.45ft,Floodstage=14ft,2018-06-19 23:30,25-75,DRY FORK AT HENDRICKS, WV 03062500: Flow=42.0cfs,Stage=0.68ft,Floodstage=5ft,2018-06-19 23:00,25-75,DECKERS CREEK AT MORGANTOWN, WV 03061500: Flow=53.8cfs,Stage=2.46ft,2018-06-19 23:15,25-75,BUFFALO CREEK AT BARRACKVILLE, WV 03061000: Flow=366cfs,Stage=2.45ft,Floodstage=17ft,2018-06-19 23:15,25-75,WEST FORK RIVER AT ENTERPRISE, WV 03057000: Flow=1390cfs,Stage=5.13ft,2018-06-19 23:15,25-75,TYGART VALLEY RIVER AT COLFAX, WV 03056250: Flow=80.0cfs,Stage=3.43ft,2018-06-19 23:30,25-75,THREE FORK CREEK NR GRAFTON, WV 03056000: Flow=1240cfs,2018-06-19 23:00,Stage=6.38ft,2018-06-19 23:15:00,25-75,TYGART VALLEY R AT TYGART DAM NR GRAFTON, WV 03053500: Flow=264cfs,Stage=4.89ft,2018-06-19 23:45,25-75,BUCKHANNON RIVER AT HALL, WV 03052000: Flow=181cfs,Stage=2.70ft,Floodstage=10ft,2018-06-19 23:30,25-75,MIDDLE FORK RIVER AT AUDRA, WV 03051000: Flow=484cfs,Stage=3.60ft,Floodstage=14ft,2018-06-19 23:30,25-75,TYGART VALLEY RIVER AT BELINGTON, WV 03050000: Flow=149cfs,Stage=1.61ft,Floodstage=14ft,2018-06-19 23:00,25-75,TYGART VALLEY RIVER NEAR DAILEY, WV 02011500: Flow=55.4cfs,Stage=2.72ft,Floodstage=8ft,2018-06-19 23:30,25-75,BACK CREEK NEAR MOUNTAIN GROVE, VA 02011470: Flow=47.8cfs,Stage=4.45ft,Floodstage=8ft,2018-06-19 23:30,25-75,BACK CREEK AT SUNRISE, VA 02011460: Flow=23.3cfs,Stage=2.33ft,Floodstage=7ft,2018-06-19 22:45,25-75,BACK CREEK NEAR SUNRISE, VA 02011400: Flow=82.5cfs,Stage=3.47ft,Floodstage=10ft,2018-06-19 23:30,25-75,JACKSON RIVER NEAR BACOVA, VA 01595800: Flow=344cfs,Stage=3.28ft,2018-06-19 22:15,25-75,NORTH BRANCH POTOMAC RIVER AT BARNUM, WV 01595500: Flow=231cfs,Stage=2.79ft,Floodstage=9ft,2018-06-19 22:15,25-75,NORTH BRANCH POTOMAC RIVER AT KITZMILLER, MD 01595300: Flow=42.5cfs,Stage=3.15ft,Floodstage=10ft,2018-06-19 23:15,25-75,ABRAM CREEK AT OAKMONT, WV 01595000: Flow=106cfs,Stage=2.57ft,Floodstage=9ft,2018-06-19 22:15,25-75,NORTH BRANCH POTOMAC RIVER AT STEYER, MD 380649081083301: Stage=4.60ft,2018-06-19 23:45,Not ranked,NEW RIVER BELOW HAWKS NEST DAM, WV 03216000: Stage=34.10ft,Floodstage=52ft,2018-06-19 22:30,Not ranked,OHIO RIVER AT ASHLAND, KY 03215000: Stage=3.81ft,Floodstage=49ft,2018-06-19 23:30,Not ranked,BIG SANDY R AT LOUISA, KY 03212980: Flow=78.6cfs,Stage=2.93ft,Floodstage=10ft,2018-06-19 23:00,Not ranked,DRY FORK AT BEARTOWN, WV 03212750: Flow=125cfs,Stage=3.43ft,Floodstage=17ft,2018-06-19 23:45,Not ranked,TUG FORK DOWNSTREAM OF ELKHORN CREEK AT WELCH, WV 03207020: Stage=4.04ft,2018-06-19 23:00,Not ranked,TWELVEPOLE CREEK BELOW WAYNE, WV 03206000: Stage=25.58ft,Floodstage=50ft,2018-06-19 23:00,Not ranked,OHIO RIVER AT HUNTINGTON, WV 03204250: Stage=21.82ft,2018-06-19 23:45,Not ranked,MUD RIVER AT PALERMO, WV 03204000: Stage=3.78ft,Floodstage=30ft,2018-06-19 23:30,Not ranked,GUYANDOTTE RIVER AT BRANCHLAND, WV 03202928: Stage=3.57ft,2018-06-19 23:30,Not ranked,LITTLE HUFF CR AT LITTLE CUB CR RD AT HANOVER, WV 03201500: Stage=24.98ft,Floodstage=40ft,2018-06-19 23:00,Not ranked,OHIO RIVER AT POINT PLEASANT, WV 03201405: Flow=4.61cfs,Stage=4.86ft,Floodstage=17ft,2018-06-19 23:15,Not ranked,HURRICANE CREEK AT HURRICANE, WV 03198350: Flow=19.1cfs,Stage=12.60ft,Floodstage=20ft,2018-06-19 23:45,Not ranked,CLEAR FORK AT WHITESVILLE, WV 03197910: Stage=40.24ft,2018-06-19 23:30,Not ranked,UNNAMED TRIB TO ELK TWOMILE CR NR CHARLESTON, WV 03197062: Flow=0.00cfs,2018-06-05 23:45,Stage=0.00ft,2018-06-19 23:00:00,Not ranked,COOKMAN FORK AT INTERSTATE 79 NEAR WALLBACK, WV 03196800: Flow=1210cfs,2017-11-06 12:15,Stage=1.39ft,2018-06-19 23:00:00,Floodstage=18ft,Not ranked,ELK RIVER AT CLAY, WV 03196600: Stage=2.65ft,Floodstage=18ft,2018-06-19 23:00,Not ranked,ELK RIVER NEAR FRAMETOWN, WV 03196500: Stage=3.01ft,Floodstage=12ft,2018-06-19 23:15,Not ranked,BIRCH RIVER AT HEROLD, WV 03195500: Stage=12.35ft,2018-06-19 23:30,Not ranked,ELK RIVER AT SUTTON, WV 03190307: Flow=0.00cfs,2018-06-16 02:15,Stage=1.05ft,2018-06-19 23:00:00,Not ranked,HEDRICKS CREEK TRIBUTARY ABOVE US-19 NEAR HICO, WV 03189600: Flow=1470cfs,2003-09-30 23:00,Stage=7.37ft,2018-06-19 23:45:00,Not ranked,GAULEY RIVER BELOW SUMMERSVILLE DAM, WV 03188900: Flow=15.1cfs,Stage=2.25ft,2018-06-19 23:15,Not ranked,LAUREL CREEK NEAR FENWICK, WV 03187000: Stage=2.14ft,Floodstage=19ft,2018-06-19 23:00,Not ranked,GAULEY RIVER AT CAMDEN ON GAULEY, WV 03184500: Flow=6800cfs,2003-09-30 23:30,Stage=2.52ft,2018-06-19 23:00:00,Floodstage=15ft,Not ranked,NEW RIVER AT HINTON, WV 03183000: Flow=10.0cfs,1998-08-30 23:30,Not ranked,SECOND CREEK NEAR SECOND CREEK, WV 03182888: Stage=46.52ft,2018-06-19 23:45,Not ranked,DRY CREEK AT TUCKAHOE, WV 03182050: Stage=29.47ft,2018-06-19 23:00,Not ranked,MARLIN RUN AT MARLINTON, WV 03178150: Stage=22.02ft,2018-06-19 23:00,Not ranked,MIDDLE FORK BRUSH CREEK AT EDISON, WV 03177710: Flow=38.3cfs,Stage=1.34ft,Floodstage=7ft,2018-06-19 23:45,Not ranked,BLUESTONE RIVER AT FALLS MILLS, VA 03177480: Stage=0.71ft,Floodstage=8ft,2018-06-19 23:15,Not ranked,INDIAN CREEK AT RED SULPHUR SPRINGS, WV 03177120: Flow=15.4cfs,Stage=2.96ft,Floodstage=9ft,2018-06-19 23:15,Not ranked,EAST RIVER AT WILLOWTON, WV 03159823: Flow=0.06cfs,2018-06-03 16:30,Stage=0.01ft,2018-06-19 23:00:00,Not ranked,GRASS RUN TRIBUTARY ABOVE I-77 NEAR RIPLEY, WV 03159750: Stage=50.89ft,2018-06-19 23:45,Not ranked,TUG FORK AT STATTS MILLS, WV 03159718: Flow=0.00cfs,Stage=0.01ft,2018-06-19 23:00,Not ranked,GRASSLICK CREEK TRIB AB I-77 NEAR FAIRPLAIN, WV 03155405: Stage=42.40ft,2018-06-19 23:45,Not ranked,NORTH FORK HUGHES RIVER NEAR CAIRO, WV 03155220: Flow=125cfs,Stage=5.07ft,2018-06-19 23:15,Not ranked,SOUTH FORK HUGHES RIVER BELOW MACFARLAN, WV 03153500: Stage=7.18ft,Floodstage=36ft,2018-06-19 23:00,Not ranked,LITTLE KANAWHA RIVER AT GRANTSVILLE, WV 03152000: Flow=716cfs,2000-09-30 23:00,Stage=3.78ft,2018-06-19 23:45:00,Floodstage=23ft,Not ranked,LITTLE KANAWHA RIVER AT GLENVILLE, WV 03151600: Stage=3.52ft,Floodstage=13ft,2018-06-19 23:00,Not ranked,LITTLE KANAWHA RIVER AT BURNSVILLE, WV 03151550: Stage=60.64ft,2018-06-19 23:45,Not ranked,SALTLICK CREEK NEAR FLATWOODS, WV 03151000: Stage=21.38ft,Floodstage=36ft,2018-06-19 23:00,Not ranked,OHIO RIVER AT PARKERSBURG, WV 03150700: Stage=18.72ft,Floodstage=35ft,2018-06-19 23:00,Not ranked,OHIO RIVER AT MARIETTA, OH 03114280: Stage=12.81ft,Floodstage=35ft,2018-06-19 23:00,Not ranked,OHIO RIVER AT HANNIBAL LOCK AND DAM (LOWER), OH 03112500: Stage=16.72ft,Floodstage=36ft,2018-06-19 23:30,Not ranked,OHIO RIVER AT WHEELING, WV 03111955: Not ranked,Site discontinued,WHEELING CREEK NEAR MAJORSVILLE, WV 03111950: Stage=41.10ft,2018-06-19 23:00,Not ranked,DUNKARD FORK NEAR MAJORSVILLE, WV 03111520: Stage=14.19ft,Floodstage=37ft,2018-06-19 23:00,Not ranked,OHIO R AT PIKE ISLAND LOCK & DAM (LOWER), WV 03111515: Stage=12.75ft,2018-06-19 23:00,Not ranked,OHIO R AT PIKE ISLAND DAM NR WHEELING (UPPER), WV 03110830: Flow=34.5cfs,Stage=1.52ft,2018-06-19 23:30,Not ranked,KINGS CREEK AT WEIRTON, WV 03110690: Stage=14.00ft,Floodstage=36ft,2018-06-19 23:00,Not ranked,OHIO R AT NEW CUMBERLAND LOCK & DAM (LOWER), OH 03071600: Stage=8.63ft,2018-06-19 23:15,Not ranked,CHEAT RIVER AT LAKE LYNN, PA 03071590: Stage=869.06ft,2018-06-19 23:15,Not ranked,CHEAT LAKE NEAR STEWARTSTOWN, WV 03070260: Flow=923cfs,Stage=11.35ft,Floodstage=27ft,2018-06-19 23:45,Not ranked,CHEAT RIVER AT ALBRIGHT, WV 03068800: Flow=483cfs,Stage=5.06ft,Floodstage=13ft,2018-06-19 23:30,Not ranked,SHAVERS FORK BELOW BOWDEN, WV 03067510: Flow=67.2cfs,Stage=4.77ft,Floodstage=20ft,2018-06-19 23:15,Not ranked,SHAVERS FORK NR CHEAT BRIDGE, WV 03065400: Flow=34.7cfs,Stage=1.08ft,2018-06-19 23:00,Not ranked,BLACKWATER RIVER NEAR DAVIS, WV 03063000: Stage=10.58ft,2018-06-19 23:15,Not ranked,Monongahela R L&D8 (Lower Pool) @ Point Marion, PA 03062450: Stage=9.85ft,Floodstage=22ft,2018-06-19 23:15,Not ranked,MONONGAHELA R AT MORGANTOWN LOCK & DAM (LOWER), WV 03062445: Stage=9.62ft,2018-06-19 23:15,Not ranked,MONONGAHELA R AT MORGANTOWN LOCK & DAM (UPPER), WV 03062250: Stage=9.55ft,2018-06-19 23:00,Not ranked,MONONGAHELA R AT HILDEBRAND LOCK & DAM (LOWER), WV 03062245: Stage=9.60ft,2018-06-19 23:00,Not ranked,MONONGAHELA R AT HILDEBRAND LOCK & DAM (UPPER), WV 03062235: Flow=1630cfs,Stage=9.55ft,2018-06-19 23:15,Not ranked,MONONGAHELA RIVER AT FLAGGY MEADOW, WV 03062225: Stage=9.72ft,2018-06-19 23:00,Not ranked,MONONGAHELA R AT OPEKISKA LOCK & DAM (LOWER), WV 03062224: Stage=9.52ft,2018-06-19 23:00,Not ranked,MONONGAHELA R AT OPEKISKA LOCK & DAM (UPPER), WV 03061430: Stage=12.98ft,2018-06-19 23:45,Not ranked,WHETSTONE RUN NEAR MANNINGTON, WV 03058975: Stage=1.90ft,Floodstage=14ft,2018-06-19 23:15,Not ranked,WEST FORK RIVER NEAR MOUNT CLARE, WV 03058500: Flow=155cfs,Stage=1.98ft,Floodstage=16ft,2018-06-19 23:30,Not ranked,WEST FORK RIVER AT BUTCHERVILLE, WV 03058020: Stage=6.42ft,Floodstage=17ft,2018-06-19 23:45,Not ranked,WEST FORK RIVER AT WESTON, WV 03058000: Flow=28.6cfs,Stage=8.38ft,2018-06-19 23:15,Not ranked,WEST FORK R BL STONEWALL JACKSON DAM NR WESTON, WV 03057900: Stage=1072.49ft,2018-06-19 23:15,Not ranked,STONEWALL JACKSON LAKE NEAR WESTON, WV 03057300: Stage=2.96ft,2018-06-19 23:45,Not ranked,WEST FORK RIVER AT WALKERSVILLE, WV 03055500: Stage=1094.91ft,2018-06-19 23:15,Not ranked,TYGART LAKE NR GRAFTON, WV 03052450: Stage=5.72ft,Floodstage=23ft,2018-06-19 23:45,Not ranked,BUCKHANNON R AT BUCKHANNON, WV 03050500: Flow=503cfs,2004-09-30 23:00,Stage=2.58ft,2018-06-19 23:30:00,Not ranked,TYGART VALLEY RIVER NEAR ELKINS, WV 03050460: Stage=8.47ft,2018-06-19 23:15,Not ranked,TYGART VALLEY R BELOW OUTLET WORKS, ELKINS, WV 03050450: Stage=8.57ft,2018-06-19 23:15,Not ranked,TYGART VALLEY R ABOVE OUTLET WORKS, ELKINS, WV 03050350: 2018-06-19 23:15,Not ranked,TYGART VALLEY R BELOW INLET WORKS, ELKINS, WV 03049930: Stage=98.27ft,2018-06-19 23:00,Not ranked,ELKWATER FORK NEAR SPANGLER, WV 01636690: Flow=19.8cfs,Stage=1.18ft,Floodstage=9ft,2018-06-19 23:15,Not ranked,PINEY RUN NEAR LOVETTSVILLE, VA 01636464: Flow=58.9cfs,Stage=2.35ft,Floodstage=5.5ft,2018-06-19 23:30,Not ranked,BULLSKIN RUN BELOW KABLETOWN, WV 01618100: Flow=20.1cfs,Stage=1.32ft,Floodstage=3.5ft,2018-06-19 23:30,Not ranked,ROCKYMARSH RUN AT SCRABBLE, WV 01616425: Flow=11.9cfs,Stage=1.65ft,2018-06-19 23:00,Not ranked,HOPEWELL RUN AT LEETOWN, WV 01616400: Flow=71.2cfs,Stage=2.39ft,Floodstage=4.2ft,2018-06-19 23:45,Not ranked,MILL CREEK AT BUNKER HILL, WV 01616100: Flow=19.5cfs,Stage=1.64ft,Floodstage=8ft,2018-06-19 23:15,Not ranked,DRY MARSH RUN NEAR BERRYVILLE, VA 01613525: Flow=208cfs,Stage=2.32ft,Floodstage=10ft,2018-06-19 22:00,Not ranked,LICKING CREEK AT PECTONVILLE, MD 01613095: Flow=79.1cfs,Stage=2.49ft,2018-06-19 22:45,Not ranked,TONOLOWAY CREEK NEAR HANCOCK, MD 01613030: Flow=5.90cfs,Stage=1.96ft,Floodstage=5ft,2018-06-19 23:45,Not ranked,WARM SPRINGS RUN NEAR BERKELEY SPRINGS, WV 01613020: Stage=44.07ft,2018-06-19 23:45,Not ranked,UNNAMED TRIB TO WARM SPR RUN NR BERKELEY SPR, WV 01610400: Flow=13.7cfs,Stage=3.63ft,Floodstage=9.5ft,2018-06-19 23:00,Not ranked,WAITES RUN NEAR WARDENSVILLE, WV 01610195: Stage=48.94ft,2018-06-19 23:30,Not ranked,PARKER HOLLOW RUN AT NEEDMORE, WV 01610155: Flow=57.5cfs,Stage=1.30ft,Floodstage=7.5ft,2018-06-19 22:00,Not ranked,SIDELING HILL CREEK NEAR BELLEGROVE, MD 01608070: Flow=433cfs,2002-09-30 23:30,Not ranked,SOUTH BRANCH POTOMAC RIVER NEAR MOOREFIELD, WV 01607300: Stage=46.66ft,2018-06-19 23:30,Not ranked,BRUSHY FORK NEAR SUGAR GROVE, WV 01606900: Stage=8.98ft,2018-06-19 23:30,Not ranked,SOUTH MILL CREEK NEAR MOZER, WV 01605002: Stage=21.13ft,2018-06-19 23:30,Not ranked,PAINTER RUN NEAR FORT ASHBY, WV 01599200: Stage=59.00ft,2018-06-19 23:15,Not ranked,LINTON CREEK NEAR LAUREL DALE, WV Go to WaterWatch (offsite) for a larger map with additional options